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Handlebar Assembly

Item #: AL108988 Condition: Good Price: $100.00
Year: 1992-1992Make: Arctic Cat Model: Wildcat 700 L/C Carb
OEM: 0605-077
Description: Includes brake block with dimmer switch, throttle block with kill switch and both hand grips.
Item #: AL183858 Condition: Good - Used Price: $125.00
Year: 2004-2004Make: Arctic Cat Model: F7 Firecat 700 L/C EFI
OEM: 0705-417
Description: Includes two yellow hand grips with hand warmers and throttle block.
Item #: AL267918 Condition: Good - Used Price: $150.00
Year: 2002-2006Make: Arctic Cat Model: Mountain Cat 900 Carb L/C
OEM: 0705-387
Description: Includes heated hand grips, throttle block with kill switch and thumb warmer switch, includes dimmer block with dimmer switch and hand warmer switch, includes throttle cable and all handlebar wiring. Has 2 1/2" risers. Missing brake block.
Item #: AL272523 Condition: Good - Used Price: $70.00
Year: 1999-1999Make: Arctic Cat Model: Powder Special 700 L/C
OEM: 0705-249
Description: Includes handlebar pad and mountain strap.
Item #: AL138824 Condition: Good - Used Price: $45.00
Year: 2003-2003Make: Polaris Model: Frontier Touring 748 L/C 4 Stroke
OEM: 5243355-067
Description: Includes one heated hand grip.
Item #: AL125848 Condition: Good - Used Price: $63.00
Year: 1999-1999Make: Polaris Model: XLT SP 600 L/C
OEM: 1823169-067
Item #: AL273020 Condition: Good - Used Price: $25.00
Year: 2004-2004Make: Polaris Model: 600 Classic L/C
OEM: 5243355-067
Description: Handle bars only. Heated pads you see in image are NO good.
Item #: AL257257 Condition: Good - Used Price: $15.00
Year: 1978-1978Make: Polaris Model: Colt SS 340 F/A
Description: handlebars built in steering post
Item #: AL272545 Condition: Good - Used Price: $90.00
Year: 2010-2010Make: Polaris Model: FS Widetrak IQ
OEM: 1820666-067
Description: Includes two heated hand grips and complete throttle block.
Item #: AL259126 Condition: Good - Used Price: $100.00
Year: 2006-2009Make: Ski-Doo Model: GTX 550 RER F/C
OEM: 506152067
Description: handlebar with heated handgrips and throttle block, missing kill switch.
Item #: AL271273 Condition: Good - Used Price: $70.00
Year: 2007-2007Make: Ski-Doo Model: Summit Highmark 1000 SDI L/C
OEM: 506151782
Description: Includes heated grips.
Item #: AL274201 Condition: Good - Used Price: $185.00
Year: 2001-2001Make: Ski-Doo Model: MX Z 700 X L/C
OEM: 506151387
Description: Handlebars with throttle and brake blocks, hand grips, throttle cable, brake hose and handlebar cover.
Item #: AL288733 Condition: Good - Used Price: $250.00
Year: 2009-2009Make: Ski-Doo Model: MX Z X 600HO E-TEC L/C
OEM: 506152191
Description: Complete handlebar assembly, includes brake block, throttle block, 7" riser block, dimmer block, kill switch, heated hand grips, handlebar wiring and set of hand deflectors, the left side deflector is cracked.
Item #: AL216588 Condition: Good - Used Price: $60.00
Year: 1985-1990Make: Yamaha Model: Phazer II LE 480 F/C
OEM: 81J-23811-00-00
Item #: AL233243 Condition: Good - Used Price: $65.00
Year: 1991-1991Make: Yamaha Model: Exciter II LE 570 L/C
OEM: 88R-23811-00-00
Description: Includes hand grips, throttle block with kill switch and brake block with brake light and dimmer switches.
Item #: AL233138 Condition: Good Price: $75.00
Year: 1989-1989Make: Yamaha Model: Phazer 480 F/C
OEM: 8V0-23813-00-00
Description: Handlebars with heated hand grips, throttle block with heated lever and kill switch, brake block with dimmer switch, cover missing on dimmer switch and throttle lever is cracked but usable.
Item #: AL234405 Condition: Good Price: $100.00
Year: 1989-1989Make: Yamaha Model: Exciter Deluxe 570 L/C
OEM: 82M-23811-01-00
Description: Includes brake block, throttle block, two heated hand grips and all handle bar wiring. Rubber is missing off dimmer switch. Handlebars have been welded, very usable.
Item #: AL274618 Condition: Good - Used Price: $70.00
Year: 1994-1994Make: Yamaha Model: VK 540 II F/C
OEM: 8AU-23811-00-00
Description: Includes one heated hand grip and throttle block with kill switch, missing lever.
Item #: AL235623 Condition: Good - Used Price: $150.00
Year: 2001-2001Make: Yamaha Model: VMAX 600 XTC L/C
OEM: 8CH-26110-10-00
Description: Includes throttle block with and heated lever, brake block with lever, brake light switch, dimmer switch, heated hand grips and all cables.
Item #: AL280238 Condition: Good - Used Price: $100.00
Year: 2011-2011Make: Yamaha Model: VENTURE LITE
OEM: 8GJ-26111-00-00
Description: Includes two heated hand grips.

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