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Oem: 810-81312-20-00  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha  Model:   
product: Source CoilItem #: AL38596 Condition: New
Oem: 3002-200  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model:   
product: IGNITION COILItem #: AL96694 Condition: New
Oem: IGN-081  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model:   
product: internal coilItem #: IGN-081 Condition: New
Oem: IGN-087  Year: N/A Make: John Deere Model:  
product: ignition coilItem #: IGN-087 Condition: NEW
Oem: M378  Year: N/A Make: Honda Model: ATC 110  
product: ign coilItem #: M378 Condition: NEW
Oem: IGN-081  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model:   
product: COILItem #: IGN-081 Condition: New
Oem: 01-085-9  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha  Model: SRV 540  
product: source coilItem #: 01-085-9 Condition: New
Oem: 01-10501  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model: Wildcat  
product: Primary Internal Ignition CoilItem #: 01-10501 Condition: New
Oem: IGN-104  Year: N/A Make: Polaris  Model: Galaxie  
product: Ignition Coil - InternalItem #: AL181272 Condition: New
Oem: 01-0771  Year: N/A Make: Polaris  Model: Sport  
product: Internal CoilItem #: AL181423 Condition: New
Oem: 01-142  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model: OLY  
product: IGN COILItem #: AL184041 Condition: New
Oem: 81L-81314-M0-00  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha Model: Ovation 340  
product: Internal Lighting / Ignition CoilItem #: AL186255 Condition: NEW
Oem: IGN-073  Year: N/A Make: Polaris Model: Cobra 440  
product: Exciting coilItem #: AL186448 Condition: NEW
Oem: 3314504  Year: N/A Make: Sachs  Model: 340SS  
product: Internal Ignition CoilItem #: AL186654 Condition: NEW
Oem: 3003-774  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model: PROWLER  
product: COILItem #: AL196151 Condition: New
Oem: 3083984  Year: N/A Make: Polaris  Model: Indy SuperSport 440 F/C  
product: COIL, EXCITERItem #: AL196510 Condition: New
Oem: 86M-85511-00-00  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha  Model: Exciter 570 L/C  
product: Source CoilItem #: AL196719 Condition: New
Oem: IGN-099  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model: El Tigre 5000 500 F/A  
product: Primary CoilItem #: AL196722 Condition: NEW
Oem: 01-085-16  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha  Model: EXCITER 440 F/C  
product: internal coilItem #: AL197645 Condition: NEW
Oem: L81  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model: OLYMPIC 335  
product: COILItem #: AL197746 Condition: NEW
Oem: 11-1349  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha  Model: PHAZER 480 F/C  
product: PRIMARY COILItem #: AL198740 Condition: New
Oem: 8G9-85541-10-00  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha  Model: SRX 440 L/C  
product: CHARGE COIL - NO LONGER AVAILABLEItem #: AL210496 Condition: New
Oem: 3086682  Year: N/A Make: Polaris  Model: 120 XC SP F/C  
product: Stator Polaris 120 XC SP F/CItem #: AL211016 Condition: New
Oem: LP01081  Year: N/A Make: *  Model:   
product: coilItem #: AL213549 Condition: New
Oem: 01-098  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model: Jag 3000 340 F/A  
product: primary coil BItem #: AL217515 Condition: New
Oem: 01-143-32  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model: Citation 4500 377 F/C  
product: COILItem #: AL220457 Condition: New
Oem: 3003-895  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model: Wildcat 650 L/C  
product: Ignition Coil - InternalItem #: AL223809 Condition: New
Oem: 3005-340  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model: ZL 440 L/C  
product: Internal Ignition CoilItem #: AL223942 Condition: New
Oem: 410915200  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model: Tundra II LT 277 F/C  
product: COIL-CHARGINGItem #: AL227441 Condition: New
Oem: 01-0791  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model: Formula MX 467 L/C  
product: Internal CoilItem #: AL227915 Condition: New
Oem: 82M-85580-20-00  Year: 1984-1996 Make: Yamaha  Model: Phazer II 480 F/C  
product: Pulser CoilItem #: AL234756 Condition: New
Oem: 90465-10390-00  Year: N/A Make: Yamaha  Model:   
product: Pick up coil, superseded by 90465-12011-00Item #: AL234966 Condition: New
Oem: LP01079  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model: TNT 440 F/A  
product: Internal Coil Item #: AL244663 Condition: New
Oem: LP01092  Year: N/A Make: ROX Model:   
product: Charge CoilItem #: AL252163 Condition: New
Oem: 3003-252  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model:   
product: COIL, PRIMARY AItem #: AL257115 Condition: New
Oem: IGN-095  Year: N/A Make: Arctic Cat  Model:   
product: EXCITING COILItem #: AL270535 Condition: New
Oem: RM00111  Year: N/A Make: Ski-Doo  Model:   
product: Pick Up Coils- RERItem #: AL274705 Condition: New

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